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Here you will find an absolute treasure trove of unusual handmade jewellery and gifts. From gleaming Sterling Silver, Spooky Gothic designs to unusual Resin Art. There is sure to be something your heart will desire.

Unique and unusual handmade gifts always go down well and are a pleasure to give and to receive. 

The About Me bit...

From humble beginnings in Silversmithing, (I couldn't find any jewellery I liked so I decided to make it myself), to expanding my creativity into other crafty fields, my jewellery journey is forever taking new twists and turns. I just love making things and trying new crafts, and I have found other people sometimes like what I make too (which is nice!). I like Spooky things and Halloween, I like gemstone jewellery and shining Sterling Silver. I love animals/nature and I love to reuse supplies that other people would just discard. All of these things are reflected in the products on offer here. I think jewellery is a very individual choice and that is why people love handmade, unusual jewellery as they get a unique piece that is different from everyone else has.

I love to recycle/reuse/repurpose items and I hate waste, so lots of my jewellery/gifts are made from things I've collected, saved or been donated. Broken jewellery, random beads, donated supplies and basically whatever I am inspired by, gets made into something sparkling and new. The Sterling Silver I use is now 100% recycled as my supplier has, at last, become more eco-friendly. This means that instead of being mined using Earth damaging methods, they recycle Silver that is already in existence and make their bullion wire and sheet. I try to do my bit by keeping my own Silver off cuts and making them into something new or sending them back for recycling. 

I try to rescue/recycle/repurpose/reuse as much packaging as I can, as I try to keep extra packaging to a minimum. I do not have commercially printed or branded packaging (Save for little sticker I might print myself) as I think that is unnescessary. Some may say that this looks unprofessional but I would rather reuse, recycle and reclaim as much as I can and keep waste to a minimum.








Original Artwork.

I have always been a creative type so I thought I would share it with the world.

My Art will be made using mixed media, paint, resin and well, generallly whatever I have at the time.

I have a lot of works-in-progress at the moment and will hopefully be making some progress soon.

Resin, or Epoxy Resin is used to make a wide variety of decorative pieces of Art, Jewellery and Keepsakes.

It can be filled and decorated with various media from colourful pigments to semi-precious stones.

The possibilities are almost limitless and so every piece of resin art is unique and individual.

We have some wonderful original, handmade pieces in our shop.